Halloween Countdown: Flying Monster Still Rules


Last year I bought this guy. He motors along a cable wire looking corny as hell. The tiny motor struggles and whirs and sounds like it might break at any minute. It’s a giant piece of crap and it was love at first sight. Last year, I only modestly strung him up along two beams of our front porch.

As I was putting up the Halloween decorations this year, I decided to just GO FOR IT and string him up across our entire front yard. Well, maybe it’s the neighbor’s front yard. It’s a duplex. Can’t tell. Chalk it up to seasonally-appropriate encroachment. They won’t mind. I’m excited.

Here’s a video, if you can stand the unrelenting excitement as it takes him approximately three hours to motor all the way across.

Yep, still rules. Best purchase ever.


2 responses to “Halloween Countdown: Flying Monster Still Rules

  1. Love it. Thanks for the laugh-out-loud once again.

  2. OMG. He’s so…feeble! He is great, though :D

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