Halloween Countdown: Penny’s Halloween Costume


Deciding what the dog was going to be for Halloween this year was a big deal. Last year she was a shark, a costume chosen randomly while we shopped at Target. This year, it was more than that. It had an entire decision-making process. The wife and I had dinner conversations about it. We researched it. And then we decided. Penny would be an Ewok. We announced to people as though we were announcing a pregnancy. But I guess we should have waited until the second trimester. It sold out everywhere.

We went through a grieving process, collected ourselves, and started over. But I think we just may have ended up with an even better costume.


A badass little Thriller jacket for dogs exists. SOLD. I would possibly buy this if I didn’t have a dog. This time I discussed nothing with the wife. I promptly clicked “add to cart” no questions asked.

Last year one of my Halloween goals was to get a good picture of Penny in her shark costume. It never happened. She was an untrained five month old puppy and every picture taken of her was basically a blur of on-the-run fur and teeth.

A year later however, she puts up with what she has to in order to get a treat:


She takes exceptionally well to wearing/enduring outfits. However, you might have noted above that the costume comes with a wig and sunglasses. She wasn’t having it. Wear a wig and sunglasses isn’t on her trick repertoire—not even if we’re offering her whole slabs of ham. Oh well. We’ll consider this costume the werewolf version of MJ.

Plans include walking Penny in this jacket while I wear an MJ glove. And maybe the wife can dress up as Liz Taylor. This is happening.


2 responses to “Halloween Countdown: Penny’s Halloween Costume

  1. Why can’t I be Lisa Marie? Or Bubbles?

  2. We dressed GG up a few years ago as Bruce Springsteen circa 1986. Sleeveless denim vest, bandanna and posing next to my guitar. Getting a picture was like aiming for the Loch Ness Monster– blurry and disappointing.

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