Halloween Countdown: Oriental Trading Shopping Spree


The Oriental Trading website is crack, in online shopping form. It’s a bulk candy and novelties company where everything always seems deceptively cheap, until you go to check out and realize you have dropped fifty dollars on what are essentially crappy gumball machine toys.

We always make bags for trick-or-treaters filled with an assortment of candy and toys. I usually get cheap things like spider rings and ghost erasers from the dollar store, but this year I decided to up my game. So I went on an Oriental Trading shopping spree. Here’s my haul.

Snake Finger Puppets


Because I had to, in tribute to the snake I taped to itself. And because I would want these if I was a kid. And because I want these now.

Monster Bubbles


Becuase I’m a sucker for monster things, even doofy, smiling ones.

Monster Spin Tops


Again, sucker for monster things. And tops are always fun, if only for a minute or two.

Skull Whistles


Because their parents will hate me eternally.



Because they rule, duh.

Gummy Mummies


Because they’re adorable, duh.

Spooky Sushi


Because such a thing called Spooky Sushi exists, and there was no way I was passing that up.

Pumpkin Stickers


Because I had to find something cheap to make it an even $50 and get the free shipping.


11 responses to “Halloween Countdown: Oriental Trading Shopping Spree

  1. I wish I could go trick or treating at your house…you hook those kids up!

    • Yeah, I also fill the bags with additional (more traditional) candy like Sweetarts and Dubble Bubble. Every kid basically gets like 1/3 pound of candy and toys. It’s my version of paying Halloween forward.

  2. Haha, I love the “because their parents will hate me eternally”. All of this stuff is awesome. You will def be popular.

  3. I love it when people do fun/good stuff for Halloween. The place we take our kids has a lady that hands out a “Hallowween” pencil with her realtor business card. We don’t stop at her house anymore.

  4. Yea the Oriental Trading website is fun to look through. I saw these sticky slugs on their novelty toy list. Imagine reaching into your trick-or-treat bag for candy and feeling a slug on your hand! Gross. . .

  5. OMG, all of this is awesome, especially the snakes! The ninjas are pretty cool, too.

  6. Wow, you are the house all the kids will tell each other about on the street…

  7. Very familiar with OT. As a former Party Planner, I dropped quite a few bills on this catalogue with COOL decor and favors to make a kid’s Bar Mitzvah ultra fun.

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