Halloween Countdown: Cheeto Bucket


You may or may not have noticed, but very quietly over the last few years, McDonald’s re-introduced the classic McBoo Pails into the Halloween lexicon. We certainly remember the classic pumpkin, witch, and ghost pails that came with our Happy Meals in the 1980s and 1990s.

After disappearing for years, the buckets came back with a commercialized vengeance. In previous years, they’ve at the very least been Halloween-themed takes on Mr. Potato Head and Scooby Doo. But this year, they’ve really cynically outdone themselves by not even being Halloween-themed. And on top of that, they’re gendered with tie-ins to Monster High and Angry Birds Star Wars. In a word, they’re terrible.

Fortunately, we have Cheetos to rescue us. And isn’t that always the case in life?


This year Cheetos has dived head first into the Halloween spirit with a Mummy-themed bucket full of trick-or-treat-sized bags of Cheetos. And I was pretty excited to buy this Cheeto Bucket just so I could say and type out the words “Cheeto Bucket.” It rules.

The wife and I also had this conversation:

Her: And we can hand out the mini-bags of Cheetos to the older trick-or-treaters!

Me: Wait, what? You doubt my ability to polish off 15 snack-size bags of these before October 31st?

In fact, I have to get to work on eating those Cheetos, because I totally plan to use this bucket for top secret Halloween “stuff.” (And I have no idea what that entails, but yeah, I’m using this bucket somehow.)


If I was a kid, I would not be ashamed to rock this bucket trick-or-treating. It’s hefty-sized and could hold a decent amount of candy. Take that, punk Angry Birds bucket.

As an added bonus, the bags of Cheetos themselves glow-in-the-dark. It’s an exciting feature if you don’t think about it too hard. In fact, the first thing I did upon getting home with Cheeto Bucket is lock myself in the dark bathroom with one of the bags and confirm that it did, in fact, glow.



YES! It was all of 1.2 seconds of unmatched, unadulterated excitement, and then it was gone—but it was worth it.

Cheetos’ marketing material suggests the bags can be used as spooky, glowing decorations after the Cheetos are consumed, but I don’t think I should acknowledge that any further. Cheetos, we’re not decorating our house with trash.


11 responses to “Halloween Countdown: Cheeto Bucket

  1. I’m a little disappointed that the bucket was filled with mini bags of Cheetos. I mean, I guess portion control is important, but I was really hoping for a giant bucket o’ Cheetos that you can just dive right into, kinda like the Christmas popcorn tins. I might have to buy one of these and just open all of the mini bags and dump them into the bucket to eat all at once.

  2. I’ll be at the store if anyone needs me…

  3. I am going to ok for these!

  4. everydayordinarygirl

    I have no use for the bucket, but the glow in the dark wrappers will help me continue my horrible habit of eating junk food in bed.

  5. I’m 29 years old and I want those Monster High buckets for myself.. and yes, I was disappointed that it wasn’t just filled to the brim with Cheetos too!

    • With the government geittng into the publics business more and more this is a tough question. My children were latchkey children and it was up to them, when they got home from school, to get themselves a snack. We did not, when they were young, have the money to buy all the sugary products as there is available today but they ate responsibly and they did not have a problem with their weight (even as adults). I do have a problem with the extremes that the government gets into our personal lives so Iwould say NO! It is up to the parent to determine what foods their child eats. If there is a health issue the principal and school nurse should schedule a time to meet with the parents and address the problem in private. I am a people watcher and I mostly see the extremely overweight children belong with extremely overweight parents. If that is the lifestyle the parents have chosen then we should butt our noses out of their lives. If they choose to have their lives shortened considerably then that is the penalty they MAY have to pay!!

  6. I want some of these solely for the glow-in-the-dark packets…not sure if we’ll see them in Australia though.

  7. The Cheeto Bucket is indeed a true innovation. But If I was young enough to go trick-or-treating I’d still rely on a trusty old pillowcase. No matter how hard I tried I never hit enough houses to completely fill the thing. And capacity is crucial.

  8. The Martha Stewart within me says that if you were to carefully trim off the sealed edges from each bag, dump the contents into a vessel conducive to future consumption, then gently rinse the insides of the wrappers, you could fashion 15 little lampshady things for a string of black light bulbs (if such things exist).
    Dangerously spooky!

  9. We used to have an alien themed bathroom with lots of glow in the dark aliens and space ships. We had a black light behind the sink to enhance the experience. One year, Milky Way and Snickers fun size bars had glow in the dark wrappers.
    We left those empty wrappers attached to the mirror in the bathroom for longer than I would care to admit.

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