Halloween Countdown: Praline McFlurry


The Praline McFlurry haunted me all day, ever since the night before when I had ran through the drive-thru to try out the new Sweet Potato Pies. There, on the glowing oracle of the drive-thru menu, was advertised a Pralines & Crème McFlurry. The Praline McFlurry is new for the fall season and is mixed with the candied pecan pieces known as pralines and caramel topping.

And yeah, they used “crème” to describe their basic old vanilla soft-serve. But you know what? Their soft serve is actually really good. And I’ve had all sorts of fancy-pants hand-crafted farm-fresh blah blah blah ice cream in my life. But I really like McDonald’s soft-serve. It’s up there among the best. We could also parse out the McFlurry itself and come to the conclusion that it’s an ill-mixed bargain-basement Blizzard rip-off. But for $2.50 it really hits the spot sometimes.

Anyway, being modest—and not wanting to gain four-hundred pounds overnight—I ordered only the pies at that moment in the drive-thru. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had no idea what pralines were until the wife and I visited the south a couple years ago, where the candy shops hand out free samples to hook you on them like crack.

I was back at McDonald’s drive-thru the very next day.

My review on this thing: IT IS SO GOOD. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even had a McFlurry in the last ten years, but I’m definitely having another one of these before they’re gone. Look, these bastardized versions of praline ice cream and sweet potato pies aren’t going to fool any southerners or hipsters, but they’re cheap and dirty and it feels good.

Just don’t expect it to look beautiful like that picture up top. Instead picture rapidly melting, watery ice cream, hastily mixed with caramel and some weirdly-shaped nuts, with a lid that won’t stay on and makes you sticky just by looking at it. This describes every McDonald’s ice cream experience, ever.


In other Halloween happenings around our house, we watched this documentary on Netflix Instant, My Amityville Horror, which follows around Daniel Lutz, one of the kids that lived in the Amityville house. It’s a pretty interesting watch, and the guy makes for a very compelling, if unreliable story. The documentary is left very open, so it’s easy to watch whether you’re a skeptic or a believer.

Since the wife and I often watch scary movies throughout the Halloween season, I’ll give you my brief review of them as well as the fallout afterwards since the wife hates watching scary things. This one was more creepy than scary. The wife was able to sit through the documentary neutrally and skeptically without gripping the couch. She reported no nightmares afterwards and only a very very tiny fear of opening her eyes in the middle of the night in case there was a ghost. As for me, I had a dream that I got bit by an otter and had to get a rabies shot. That’s the stuff of real horror.


Also: fresh farmer’s market apple cider. Even though I really can’t tell how this stuff is any different than apple juice.


One response to “Halloween Countdown: Praline McFlurry

  1. Apple cider is just unfiltered and unpasteurized apple juice – if you chucked apples in your home juicer (you know, that juicer we all have at home), you would get cider.
    As for scary movies to watch, you can always try The Kill List. It’s on Canadian Netflix, and is one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen. The description they give it is nonsense, and only serves to reveal nothing whatever about the movie itself. So, I guess it’s a step in the right direction for Netflix descriptions.

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