Recent Yard Sale Finds


Stuff. I’ve found it. We’ll start with this Tony the Tiger baseball because it’s not an awesome collectible or ridiculously rare holy grail. It’s just a random proofs-of-purchase send-away item from the late eighties. It’s just a random baseball. And yet I’ve wanted it my entire life.

I guess it was just one of those things I got hyper-focused on as a kid. I saw it advertised on the back of my Frosted Flakes box and suddenly nothing else mattered. I wanted this baseball so bad. People, I need caps-lock to properly emphasize this. SO BAD. I had dreams about it at night. And I guess I didn’t get it because my parents didn’t feel like buying sixty more boxes of Frosted Flakes or whatever it took.

My friend actually had this baseball and I even thought about stealing it from him. And it would have been the perfect crime, because he was the kind of kid who was always losing his stuff. I plotted the evil scheme for days, but eventually I decided Santa or God or the Easter Bunny would find out.

I don’t even know how or why I’ve managed to carry this memory into adulthood. It’s not like my parents didn’t bend over backwards to instill happy memories and fulfilling experiences into my life. But when I saw the ball at a yard sale last weekend, I handed over a dollar for it without hesitation, even if I felt a little sheepish about it. The random-ass-Frosted-Flakes-baseball-shaped-hole in my heart is filled in. I hope you understand.


And here’s Stridor, another piece to add to my junky Masters of the Universe corner in my basement. Seriously, I have the saddest MOTU collection there is. Figures with missing arms, paint chips missing, and not a single He-Man figure. Well, except for a random bootleg bendy He-Man who’s uncomfortably naked except for painted-on red underwear, and yet I don’t mind. I hope you understand.


Next, here are some garden-variety water-squirting toys. The Spit Balls are from 1988, and the other is a Street Shark, which is my pet favorite oddball Ninja Turtles rip-off from the 90s.


Found Robie the Robot. Robie was a mechanical bank sold at Radioshack that especially bombarded the shelves around the holiday season. Old Radioshack robots rule. Too bad this Robie doesn’t work. I nabbed him for only a quarter so it’s not a big deal. Besides, his motor gears always sounded as though he was on the verge of breaking, even when he was in brand-new condition.


The Ninja Turtles Movie Storybook. Which I honestly attempted to sit down and read straight through. I made it to page two before giving up my noble venture, and then I just looked at the pictures.


Star Wars Pop Up Books from the late 70s and early 80s. Most of the pop-ups and action tabs are intact. And when they aren’t, it’s totally okay because you find alternative-universe storylines like this:


Darth Vader fighting a puddle of poo. That was my favorite part of the movie.


The Mother of All Supersoakers, the CPS 3200. This thing is like a bazooka. It’s so big, the water had to stored in an over-the-shoulder seven-liter sling, which unfortunately is missing. As much as I’d love to rig up some kind of hose/water thing to get this thing working, instead I sold it on eBay for $55.


This amazing 1980s Star Tours hat from the Disney ride.


And finally, a Donny Osmond coloring book. Come on, you’d buy it, too, for fifty cents.


Also, bonus annotations from either an older brother or a spurned-fan:


I hope you understand.

12 thoughts on “Recent Yard Sale Finds

  1. I wish you’d blogged your desire to have a Tony the Tiger baseball. I’ve got several. My cousin used to be a Kellogg’s sample jockey back in the early 90s. I got so many of those promos, like those baseballs, Rescue Rangers tote bags, and Disney Afternoon PVCs. Also had a year’s supply of Cinnamon Mini Buns samples. Yup, I was The Shit.

  2. I bought some original “Star Wars Storybook” art at a convention a few years ago. I use quotes because I later tracked down the Star Wars Storybook and there’s no art that even remotely matches what I bought. Does this book have a scene with Obi Wan showing Luke the lightsaber? If it does could you post a pic?

    1. Nah I don’t see anything like that in the books. This one isn’t really in narrative form. It’s just a bunch of unrelated scenes that makes good pop ups more than anything.

  3. Omg Robie the Robot!!!
    My cousin had one of those and I was obsessed with it! I always wanted to play with it, but he’d never let me because he said I would break it. He always put it on the top of his bookshelf when we came over, so it was forever out of my 6-year old reach.

    1. We were deprived of Robie, despite my Dad being a Radio Shack employee. We did have an Armatron for a long time. A couple of years ago, I found and refurbished one to give to my brother. I think he keeps it on a shelf, now.

  4. I totally get it. My husband’s parents wouldn’t buy him a snow cone machine when he was a kid. They said it was junk. He has one now, though, and his heart is happier because of it!

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