Halloween Countdown: More Scary Candy!

We’ll start with the special Halloween editions of Kit Kat bars, which are not so much scary as they are exceedingly friendly and pleasant. The bars come with four different designs and the packaging encourages you to look for all four. Like it’s a collectible or something. Between this and “limited edition” bread, I think these food manufacturers have forgotten that we don’t “collect” our food. We scarf it down like hungry, crazed, spiral-eyed wolves.

At least that’s what I do. Especially with Halloween candy. It’s instinct. You learn it young if you don’t want your parents or sister to sneak it out of your candy haul first.

Next up, here’s a great take on a boring old lollypop:

YES! Another instant classic made by Bandai. If you remember, they also made the Vampire Hair and Werewolf Fur packaged cotton candy I posted about a couple days ago. Bandai is on the money with this one. The idea of having a fork as the stick and an eyeball as the pop is ingenious. It’s something out of a horror movie, ONLY YOU CAN EAT IT. More Halloween foods should be violent and not just cutesy pumpkin shapes.

I haven’t opened these to try them because I’m saving them for my mad scientist display table I put out on Halloween night. The table contains all kinds of fake severed body parts, gross-out foods, loose eyeballs, and the like. I think I’ll display these on our finest serving dishes, garnished with a side of fake brains.

These Lifesavers Spooky Shapes might be new to this year. I had never seen them before. I love the box art work. I don’t care if the gummies inside are rock-hard and taste like saw dust. I already have complete love for them no matter what.

As you can see, my love had to withstand a bit of disappointment. There isn’t a lot of variety in the box. There are a ton of witches. The molds are kind of fuzzy and it’s hard to tell what they are. Why are these in Christmas colors? I couldn’t find a single purple ghost in the box. He’s an elusive one.

These gummies are super soft. I think they might be made of Flubber. I prefer mine a bit firmer. In fact, I like them like I like my Peeps—open ’em, throw ’em on top of the refrigerator and forget about ’em for about two weeks. Peeps must age like a fine wine.

And I think I’ve just about wrapped up my “candy reviews” for the season. I’ve got more stuff to review, but thankfully it’s not candy. You might wonder if I’m pushing five-hundred pounds at this point, but I’ve done my part to donate all the excess junk food to the wife’s co-workers and the pregnant neighbor. Although I might just have a secret stash somewhere in the house, hidden from even the wife. It’s instinct, you know.


4 responses to “Halloween Countdown: More Scary Candy!

  1. Actually, in Japan there are hundreds of varieties of Kit-Kats and people do collect them. And then don’t eat them. Ah, Japan.

  2. There is nothing in all creation that can scare me away from chocolate candy.

  3. I’ll pass on the Christmas-colored Halloween gummies and stick with the Halloween-themed KitKat bar! Great review, it made me laugh.

  4. Kit-Kat should make coffin-shaped bars. Everyone eats off the top layer first, right? It’d be like removing the lid.

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