Halloween Countdown: Spooky Wooly Willy!

I found these Halloween versions of Wooly Willy magnetic pictures at Michael’s craft store. I was pretty excited about them. Imagine the uber-hip and retro Halloween fun. They were only a dollar a piece, but they were also an investment for the rest of my life. I imagined bringing them out every Halloween and doing them. I imagined guests coming over and randomly picking them up to play with. I imagined how fun it would be to do this very blog post, coming up with a gallery of funny hair designs. I imagined one day gathering around as a family to sit down at the dining room table and play with them.

You know how you imagine stuff that just doesn’t work out like you pictured it?

Reality is I spent all of five minutes on one of them. That we rarely have guests. And that one day my little family will be gathered around the table absorbed in their tablet phone ipod things while I pound on the table like a gorilla for their attention.

I forgot how incredibly frustrating these things are. How the magic wand picks up too much or not enough of the magnetic shavings. How half of them fall off the pen before they ever get to their targeted area. How random shavings land on the face and it’s impossible to get them off without ruining the picture. How it’s really difficult to refine the shapes. How it all just looks like little clumps of scattered shavings.

And how really, I’m just not patient enough to come up with anything else other than a mustache. That kind of looks like Hitler. Damn it.

I still love them. The idea of them. I just don’t love the hellish patience it requires to push around magnetic shavings. I got so desperate that I even tried looking up tips online, but all I could find was a stupid iPhone app and this Pennsylvania man winner of this Wooly Willy lookalike contest:

That guy is a true American hero.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Halloween woolies.

DREAMS: I really want to make sunglasses on the Jack O. Lantern. Or give him the Mr. T look.

REALITY: I haven’t even opened this one.



DREAMS: At the very least, I could make that mustache.

REALITY: I give up.

4 responses to “Halloween Countdown: Spooky Wooly Willy!

  1. These..these are amazing. I had an original Wooly Willy, brought to me while I was in the hospital. Jack O Lantern on the bottom right looks like Billy Mays.

  2. I had these things one year in a christmas stocking along with those transfers with the plastic thing that you rub over the top of them to “pressure transfer” the image onto something else…remember them? they always seemed cool as well but in reality half the image stayed stuck to the backing paper :( xx

  3. Some coincidence today! I spotted a mini Wooly Willy at Goodwill today! it was missing the magnetic wand. I’m sure I’ve seen these in the past, but didn’t think much of them till now.

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