Halloween Countdown: One Pumpkin to Rule Them All

This year I’ve seen a proliferation of pumpkin-shaped chocolates. Of course there are the infamous Reese’s pumpkins, and since we all know and love the Reese’s so well, I thought I’d take a look at the others to compare. These are the Snickers and the Butterfingers versions. I had also bought the Reese’s version to be perfectly-scientific about this experiment, but they got eaten a long time ago. Those things don’t last long around here.

Let’s consider that Reese’s pumpkin for a moment. The seasonal variations of the Reese’s Cups are somehow way better than the standard, pithy “cup” versions. It’s not just their girth—you’d swear the peanut butter inside is actually smoother and creamier. The pumpkin shape itself is nothing fancy. In fact, it’s kind of a frumpy and squat-looking pumpkin shape. You wouldn’t even want to call it pumpkin. It’s just a lowly gourd. No matter. Those things are banging.

So see how the others stack up. Here is the Snickers’ attempt:

Not gonna lie—it’s one attractive chocolate. Check out the smoothness, and not even a single scuff. Gee whiz. It doesn’t look greasy or melty. It smiles back at you, and that’s a little extra positivity in your day. As for taste, it was basically a Snickers Bar in oblong pumpkin shape, except there was more chocolate than nougat and peanuts. I would have liked to see more filling.

Here is the Butterfinger’s attempt:

Not quite as attractive. This sort of looks like the pudgy and acne-prone little brother of the Snickers pumpkin. It was also kind of greasy and melty, even though it’s been stored in a cool basement for the last few weeks. The overall shape doesn’t add much appeal. It didn’t have the Rico-Suave smoothness or old-school gourdness. It’s just a fat, heavy chunk of chocolate. This thing could crush a Chunky Bar.

It’s not anything like a Butterfinger bar, either. I expected to bite into the pumpkin to find the crispy peanut butter filling, but instead it was a block of chocolate with flecks of the peanut butter mixed in. It gave it a crispy bite, but overall, the chocolate was cloying, bitter-tasting, and there was just too much of it.

Neither the Snickers or the Butterfinger learned the main lesson from the Reese’s Pumpkin—which is, the overabundance of filling is what makes the pumpkin so great and special. So not surprisingly, the Reese’s Pumpkin still is the one pumpkin to rule them all.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: One Pumpkin to Rule Them All

  1. In fact, Reese’s does use a completely different type of peanut butter filling for their holiday-themed sweets (from Easter to Christmas and everything in between – I’m just waiting for a Christopher Columbus shaped Reese’s, aren’t you?) that is creamier and smoother. I don’t know the reasoning behind this decision, but no matter. The other upside to their holiday-shaped goodies is that the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is higher than the regular.

    I watch a lot of “Unwrapped.”

  2. I love Reese’s or Snickers ANYTHING, be it Fun Size, regular or King Size, in the form of an Easter egg… But smiling pumpkins are definitely a plus.

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