Halloween Countdown: Trick or Treat Fruit Snacks and Pop Tarts

Remember when fun-sized candy bars, Tootsie Rolls and Smarties dominated at Halloween? It used to be that the only oddity you might find in your trick-or-treat sack was the weird bag of pretzels. These days the trick-or-treating selection has really diversified, with everything from miniature buckets of Play-Doh to crayons to the two things I’m going to review today.

Halloween fruit snacks sounded pretty exciting to me, as did mini-crisp Pop Tarts. They weren’t cheap at $4.99-$6.99 a box, but at a respective 60 calories and 45 calories, they’re more guilt-free for when you’ll inevitably break into your Halloween stash reserved for the trick-or-treaters. I also figured I’d give these out to the just-pushing-it-in-age trick-or-treaters to stave them off from egging my house later.

Let’s look at the fruit snacks first:

TASTES LIKE: Fruity heaven in neon-green spider-shaped form. As far as fruit snacks go, these are top notch. They’re super-soft and well, fruity. And these aren’t just the kind that are only made in the sense of the word “fruit” — these are made with actual juice and actually contain trace amounts of nutrients. These are made by Betty Crocker, whom I basically consider my second mother.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: When I was a kid, I used to carefully study each one before popping it my mouth. Like I’d take a special joy in each shape, as if it was the greatest thing ever. I’m eating a pumpkin! And now I’m eating a cat! AND NOW HOLY CRAP I’M EATING A GHOST! But as an adult, I generally just eat them without even looking at them. And that takes something away from fruit snacks. It almost takes away the entire point of them. I really need to get back to it.

BOTTOM LINE: The six shapes available are a spider, witch hat, a bat, a pumpkin, a cat, and a ghost. I’ve actually snuck more that one bag of these from my Halloween stash, but I haven’t found a single ghost-shaped snack yet. He’s like the rare chaser fruit snack. Meanwhile, the pumpkins and cats are commons. Halloween Fruit Snacks get a 9 of 10 from me, which will be quickly upgraded to a 10 out of 10 if I can ever find that ghost.

The Pop Tarts:

TASTES LIKE: I have reached Pop Tart Nirvana. I’ve always considered the crust part of the Pop-Tart the best part. I find the frosting/filling part is usually too cloying and sweet. Eating the mini-crisps is like eating a bag full of Pop Tart crusts. See Also: ADORABLE MINI POP TARTS.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: My expectations for these were rock-bottom, mostly because the word “mini-crisps” sounds like a lame diet food. But the verdict? These are awesome. It also has a subtle strawberry flavor, otherwise known as “scary berry” according to the packaging. These would work great as an ice cream topping. Imagine it: pumpkin ice cream topped with scary berry mini pop tarts. Do it.

BOTTOM LINE: 10 out of 10. These might just be too good of a treat to give to the teenage trick-or-treaters. I might have to get a bag of those weird, generic peanut butter chews to stick ’em with.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: Trick or Treat Fruit Snacks and Pop Tarts

  1. I love the idea of gummies! I would be the a-hole neighbor who tried to hand out fruit if I didn’t like in a high rise! I’ve always had an unfriendly relationship with opaque gummies though, they freak me out.

  2. Look at that shade of blue on the cat-shaped fruit snacks. That is a thing of beauty. There’s just not enough blue food in the world.

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