Halloween Countdown: Count Chocula Treats

Count Chocula Treats sound ridiculously exciting and I don’t know why. I’d assumed they were like a Rice Krispies treat in Count Chocula form, so I don’t know why I’d be excited about that, since pre-packaged Rice Krispies treats are nothing like the real thing. It’s sort of like how the crab in sushi rolls isn’t really crab or how the bacon in bacon bits isn’t really bacon.

Then again, the Count Chocula Treats aren’t really like Rice Krispies treats, fake or otherwise. They are their own fabulous thing. And yes, I wrote the word fabulous because it’s a word that really should be used more often in relation to anything with “spooky-fun marshmallows.”

The Count Chocula treat felt like a mystery to solve. As you can see, it’s shaped like a granola bar, but perhaps it was more like its faux-nutritious cousin, the cereal bar. Which led me to believe I could eat it for breakfast and that it would be a totally legit and balanced one at that.

Don’t make my mistake. It’s not a breakfast. Which introduces what this thing really is: a candy bar covered in Count Chocula cereal. Oh well. At Halloween, the line between breakfast and candy is really blurred. I used to eat candy the morning after trick-or-treating along with my breakfast. A bit of the hair of the dog. Cures the candy hangover.

Overall, the Count Chocula bar is light and airy. The chocolate is not too heavy and the marshmallow gives it a nice texture. At one-hundred calories and ten grams of sugar, I could have done a hell of a lot worse with my breakfast choice.

Like eating this thing:

Well, it does say is has no cholesterol, which I think means it’s healthy. A Peeps version of a Rice Krispies treat? I’m completely intrigued. In the past few years Peeps have extended their marshmallows into some different types of candy, and I think they’ve done them exceptionally well. Those chocolate-covered pumpkin-shaped Peeps are awesome. If you haven’t had those yet, run out and get one or two.

Unlike the Chocula treat, this thing is completely like a Rice Krispies treat, if you were to dye one psychedelic orange and cover it in sloppily-placed candy:

The Peeps treat is a partier. The Peeps treat would definitely need morning-after candy to get it going.

I expected the marshmallow to be amazing and Peeps-like, but it wasn’t really that special. This one suffers from the same problems as the pre-packaged Rice Krispies treats: weird chemically flavor, hardness, dryness, and with the added bonus of one of those rock-hard misplaced candies almost chipping my tooth.

And then throw in the double-jackpot bonus of shame and guilt for eating something that shade of orange for breakfast. For breakfast. I’ve had low points in life where I’ve eaten something totally inappropriate for lunch or dinner, but for some reason, breakfast is that meal I always want to strive to eat healthily. Although this post is really bad example of that. And so is this blog. And so is my life.

Anyway, it breaks down like this:

Chocula Treats: 10/10. Go pick up a box.
Peeps Treat: 4/10. I give it four points because it’s pumpkin-shaped, which is an instant four points if you ask me.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: Count Chocula Treats

  1. The combination of your blog and “Halloween Wars” on the Food Network has sent me into a Halloween-based frenzy. I’ve never felt that strongly about the holiday, but now it’s damn near my favorite thing. Thank you for helping me see the light.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Halloween because of the candy…I like going to CVS the next day for the candy on clearance :)

  3. I adore Hallowe’en. I used to be a big day-after bargain candy buyer, until I was told of my allergy to corn, and therefore to all things candy. No more post-Hallowe’en Rockets* binge for me.
    *Rockets is Canadian for Smarties, I think. We also have Smarties, but they’re like alternative M&M’s.

  4. How about homemade Count Chocula bars? Do you think that’d be worth the work involved, or is the prepackaged stuff better than just rolling up the cereal with chocolate chips and more marshmallows?

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