Halloween Countdown: Caramel Apple Candies

Today I’m reviewing two familiar candies with a caramel apple twist. I’m not sure whether either is new to this season, but they’re both new to me.

I’ll start with the Caramel Apple Milky Ways.

TASTES LIKE: The inside of a craft store swirled with caramel. Seriously. It’s a sensation so weird that it’s worth picking up a bag just for that. The nougat is the strongest flavor in the mix, overwhelming the caramel and chocolate, which sort of gets lost in a murky taste. I’m not even sure you’d guess it was “apples” if you were doing a blind taste test. You’d probably guess cinnamon or chai or the silk flowers in aisle three, but not apples.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Whatever. I’m sure if you ate like ten of these, it counts as a partial fruit serving for the day. Not that you’d want to eat ten of them, because they also taste like solidified chunks of flavored coffee creamer. This candy seems like it belongs in a glass bowl sitting on a doily in a grandmother’s house. It’s seriously that weird, wack candy that only a grandmother would like.

BOTTOM LINE: I didn’t even like these, but I’ve already eaten a handful of them anyway. You know what? It’s Halloween season. The official theme of Halloween is REGRET NOTHING. And this is the official gif of the Caramel Apple Milky Ways:

Next up, the Caramel Apple Sugar Babies.

TASTES LIKE: If green Jolly Ranchers and caramel slept together and had a baby, these little green goobers would be the result. The apple flavor is very strong and very “sour apple candy.” The caramel is subtle in comparison, and you’d really only know it’s there because it keeps getting stuck to your teeth. I’m not sure how I feel about these even after I ate half the box. I can explain though. These have THE WORST “chemical spit” aftertaste, and the only way to get rid of it is to eat more.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: These look like boogers. Or maybe lima beans. Either way, it’s not the most appealing candy visually.

BOTTOM LINE: Someone commented in the last post about people being “Halloween Masochists.” I like that idea because it’s so true. Why am I eating these things? They taste weird, the caramel is yanking out my fillings, and the acidity of the sour apple coating is giving me a canker sore. Here is the official gif of how eating the Caramel Apple Sugar Babies makes me feel:

At the end, I’m not sure I can recommend either one of these. You might like the Milky Ways if you’re eighty two years old. You might like the Sugar Babies if you like green Jolly Ranchers and have a perfect dental history. For everyone else, I say stick to mini Reese Cups and candy corn.

9 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: Caramel Apple Candies

  1. LOL I didn’t see the Milky Ways, but I had a box of the Sugar Babies in my hand at Target and ended up thinking about it a little harder before returning them to the shelf. Thanks for taking one for the team.

    I did, however, buy candy corn-flavored M&Ms, which were also pretty strange tasting.

  2. Reblogged this on mchelsmusings and commented:
    these are awesome! Seriously, both of them taste delicious. If you like caramel apple. The milky way, not so much…but still good. The sugar babies, oh Yes! I have gotten a few co-workers asking when I’ll bring them in this year! LOL :)

  3. I love, LOVE the Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, but I’m having a hard time finding them this year. So to fill the hole in my soul, I just found and had the Milky Ways yesterday for the first time and thought… “these are soooo not even apple-ey at ALL.” They should be called “New Fall Nutmeg Milky Ways.”

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