Halloween Countdown: Cadbury Screme-Eggs

Welcome to The Surfing Pizza’s 2012 Halloween Countdown! I’ll be posting everyday, Monday through Friday for the entire month at noon sharp. I’ll be covering the latest and greatest in Halloween junk food, trick-or-treat candy, some nostalgia items, and whatever other random stuff comes across my desk. So let’s kick things right off with the new Cadbury Screme-Eggs.

I had to start with these because they’re one of the most exciting things on the shelves this season. I’d be tempted to call them the most exciting thing, except I’ve seen rumors about Candy Corn Oreos existing. They’re my white whale so far this season. Anyone find them? Had them?

Having made their debut in the UK last year, the Screme-Eggs have hit the stateside for 2012. Cadbury Eggs have gone spooky with a Halloween version of their famous, addictive eggs. Or to put it another way: PEOPLE, THEY’RE FILLED WITH GREEN GOO. FOR HALLOWEEN. IT’S FREAKING AWESOME.

And I’m generally against holiday-candy cross-overs. I’m the kind of purist that believes Peeps should only be for Easter. I remember a time when special Hershey kisses only came out at Christmas. Of course, there’s no such thing like that anymore, in an age when holidays that are three months apart are competing for retail shelf space four months beforehand.

Cadbury Creme Eggs were sort of the lone holdout, the only candy left that hadn’t pimped itself out to all the other holidays. Seeing that red, green, and blue foil wrapper pop up near the end of February was always special, a sign of the coming spring. But I have to give this Halloween version a pass. Because it’s worth saying again: THEY’RE FILLED WITH GREEN GOO.

This is the kind of innovation you simply cannot hold back. Halloween is a special holiday when all the candy manufacturers have to bring their A-Game. And I’d say Cadbury definitely brought it. Although the flavor is the same as the regular eggs, I think the Screme-Egg is a bit sweeter. And I like how it’s not just totally filled with green goo, but rather it’s just the yolk that’s gone green. It makes it creepier.

Cadbury Eggs are kind of magical. To me, they’re a perfected system of sugar delivery. The inside of the egg is made of a poured fondant, which is basically cake frosting. A chocolate egg filled with liquefied cake frosting, which is basically a step away from injecting cake frosting directly into your veins. And when you put it like that, should these things even be legal?

I’m thinking Cadbury has a missed opportunity here in their marketing. When I was a kid, I used to be freaked out by the fake yolk in the center of egg and didn’t like them. However, nobody ever said “HEY KID, THIS THING IS FILLED WITH CAKE FROSTING.” I might have been able to overcome my fear of the fake yolk if I’d been armed with that knowledge. I might have been able to crabwalk sideways across the walls on that much sugar. And to think of all that time I wasted getting my fix pounding back Pixy Stix.

So yeah, Screme-Eggs = Zombie Eggs = Awesome, and I recommend you eat at least ten of them before October 31.

10 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: Cadbury Screme-Eggs

  1. Yup, these eggs are awesome. There’s a twisted part of me that kind of wishes there was a little candy bird skeleton inside as well, but that would probably be going too far. Do you have a Cost Plus World Market near you? If so they apparently have a variation of these eggs (another company other than Cadbury) called Bloody Eyes where the fondant inside is red and strawberry flavored. Haven’t been able to nail one down yet though…

  2. I had a candy corn oreo a couple of weeks ago. Note, I could have eaten as many as I pleased and the number of candy corn oreos I chose was ONE. That same week also tried the candy corn m&m’s. I ate a bunch of those.

  3. speaking of candy corn oreos, have you seen candy corn m&ms around? they don’t taste that much like candy corn but they’re still pretty good

  4. Candy Corn Oreos are elusive. As soon as my store receives a shipment, people buy them in droves. Though one lady did tell me that I should be paying HER, as “they’ll probably taste terrible.” Begging the question of why is she buying something she has no interest in eating? Halloween masochists.

  5. I’ve had the Candy Corn Oreos, they were not impressive. I am not much of a fan of “vanilla” Oreos and prefer traditional chocolate.

    That said I love the Scream Eggs. Cadbury Cream Eggs are my second favorite candy of all (behind only the Cadbury Mini Eggs) and I was rather excited to see them in Target. A little too excited judging by the look of the “Asset Protection Team Member”. As soon as I got to car I opened it and ate the whole thing. Then I suddenly remembered my recently discovered lactose intolerance and was gassy and had a stomach ache all night long and barely slept. It was so worth it.

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