Seriously Amazing 1980s Sticker Collection. Seriously.

It’s flea market season again. I love the flea market, where all kinds of crazy people set up tables and sell decorative Elvis hunting knives, dented boxes of toothpaste, rusted tools, and baby dolls with soiled faces. It’s a scary place, the kind of place you risk getting tuberculosis, but I find good stuff. Case in point: some kid’s seriously amazing sticker album from the 1980s. I got it for a quarter.

The album itself was an old, dusty, ratty photo album, falling apart at the seams with some heavy water damage. Most normal people would throw out a decades-old soggy, filthy sticker album, but at Brumwell’s, nothing is considered trash. I think that’s the unofficial motto. There’s always some wacko out there that will buy your old ass garbage. And yesterday, that person was me.

Once I peeked inside the album and saw the stickers, I knew this was no garbage. It was like I’d unearthed a tome, revealing the sort of charming, hand-drawn artwork and goofy humor that you just don’t see anymore. Each of the major “sticker holidays” is represented in the book, including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, which means the kid kept up the sticker album for the better part of the year. I have to assume the sticker collector was a girl, given the presence of Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, and adorable baby lamb stickers.

The album is huge, so right here on the blog, I’m going to review an elite few of my favorites. Check out the entire album on The Surfing Pizza’s Facebook:
Seriously Amazing 1980s Sticker Album.

Let’s get started.

NOTES: I’m loving that Captain Cupcake sticker. He was one of the original Hostess Snack Cake characters, alongside Twinkie the Kidd and Fruitpie the Magician. All of the characters have since lapsed into obscurity, save for Twinkie the Kidd, which is all the more reason to savor this small sticker tribute to the Captain.

NOTES: There’s a couple good ones in here: the awesome “awesome” sticker. That super-sweet pumpkin. I also have a thing for that “good work” sticker.

NOTES: Despite my complete nonchalance toward Barbie, I’ve gotta pay some respect to a fabulous “Super Hair” Barbie sticker. Can’t forget Heathcliff, who I always dug a bit more than Garfield. He was edgier.

NOTES: I’m loving the creepy booze sticker on the same page with the Jesus lambs. What is that sticker for? Look at the way he’s holding up the street post. Also of note, a lot of the pages have this chocolate-obsessed dog, which is funny, because chocolate kills dogs.

NOTES: HELL YES, THIS SHARK. Nothing more to add here.

NOTES: Ozzy drinks milk? What?

NOTES: This Sticker is in Stereo – hands down, best sticker in the album.

NOTES: I lied. The World’s First Tito Jackson sticker is the best. Just wrap your head around it. And it’s also the world’s last Tito Jackson sticker. I mean, it’s like the holy grail of stickers.

NOTES: A gator playing the banjo! A sparkly polar bear in a party hat balancing on a ball! Whatever world this is, I want to live in it.

NOTES: Valentine’s Day isn’t nearly as awesome as it used to be.

NOTES: The dressed-up dog stickers are weird, and I don’t get it, but for some reason, I like Cur Walter Growly. Naming the dog that. When we get one. That’s totally gonna be his name. Also, our first-born son. I don’t care what the girlfriend/fiancée says. She got to pick out the wedding cake filling. I get to pick out the name Cur Walter Growley.

NOTES: For me, these video game stickers are the centerpiece of the entire collection. They’re just so cool and punny and fun.

NOTES: Dragon’s Lair stickers! Space Ace! And Ms. Pac Man…in drag! God, I love the 1980s!

Remember, check out the full set here:
Seriously Amazing 1980s Sticker Album. And “LIKE” the Surfing Pizza while you’re at it. Pretty please!

21 thoughts on “Seriously Amazing 1980s Sticker Collection. Seriously.

  1. I totally want these stickers, I had a book like this once, but it was mostly ninja turtles and x men. Random smiley faces. It got tossed during one of my grandmothers raids on my room. I was a bad pack rat lol

  2. This is one of the best posts you’ve ever done! Not only because of the awesome stickers (and they are awesome), but for your great enthusiasm for them. It’s so palpable. Excellent job!

  3. This sticker tour just totally made my day! What a great find. I have to agree with you: the Tito sticker is the best, and Valentine’s Day was a lot more awesome in the 80’s.

  4. This is indeed a great find! I’ve seen a few of these before, but for the most part they’re new to me. I will have to see the whole collection at some point. And now I know that Ozzy drinks milk. Who knew?! :)

  5. I love it! Kudos to that kid for having the guts to actually peel the stickers from the sheet and put them in a book. I was always stingy with my stickers, immensely afraid to use them … because, you know, you only get to use them once. In fact, I think they all remain unpeeled in a box somewhere.
    I was all about the fun.

  6. I damn near spit out my candy bar in sheer excitement when I saw this. I had at least 50% of those stickers! I might have to scan some of my old albums (currently collecting dust in the closet and I refuse to get rid of them…EVER).

    You’ve inspired me, Pizza. Inspired me to do something totally useless…and awesome. Maybe we can trade sticker POSTS like people used to trade stickers.

  7. Puns and jokes with Mummies and other monsters rule. “I like the wrap songs” mummy sticker was my fave.

  8. My sisters and I have conferred, and we thought you might like to know that the round ZOO, BOOZE and DENTIST stickers are scratch-and-sniff. Or at least, they were at one time. If you’ve never sniffed a dentist, truly you didn’t live through the 80s.

  9. I have been trying to locate the set of stickers with the “quacks and kisses” duck. Does anyone know what artist did them or what they are called. Thanks!

  10. Wonderful! I just recently found my album from the 80’s! So many good memories! I’m not sure why I’ve hung on to it all these years – but so glad I did!

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