My Halloween Headquarters

I had to carve out a space in my apartment just for me, just for Halloween. And here it is, my Halloween Headquarters. It’s a good way of making Halloween feel official. I used the top of my stereo cabinet to set up the HQ, where I’ve got a few of the things you’ve already seen if you’ve been following the countdown the past two weeks. As I was taking the picture, the framed album of McCartney II was in the shot, and I decided not to crop it out. It’s an expression that’s appropriate in virtually every context.

Also, here’s something I haven’t shared yet on the countdown, another one of my 2010 acquisitions, the Dracula’s Pub bar sign. I picked it up at Big Lots for $15. At first I thought that was a steep price, but as a wannabe collector of light-up bar signs, I couldn’t turn down the chance to own a Halloween one.

As soon as I plugged it in, I knew it was well worth the fifteen bucks. The lights aren’t dim and flickery, but clear and bright. The sign itself is sturdy, and I should know, since I dropped it three times as I was figuring out the best way to hang it.

I also hooked the HQ up with some legit Halloween candy like Kit Kats and Snickers sprinkled throughout as well as some of the dollar store crap candy I purchased.

You got to keep your candy honest. When you were trick-or-treating, you always received a mixture of A+ candy (chocolate), some B-level candy (Twizzlers, Sweettarts), a few C’s (Dum Dum Pops, Smarties), and then a handful of total fails like the Palmer mockolates and the weird bag of nuts. So when purchasing candy for myself, I keep it honest with a mixture of good and bad.

I’m keeping the post short tonight, relaxing with a frosted mug of pumpkin ale and some Snickers. There’s a definite Halloween mood in the air and on top of my stereo cabinet.

7 thoughts on “My Halloween Headquarters

  1. Glad you noted that McCartney expression b/c it’s the first thing I noticed… and naturally thought that part of the display. It’s appropriate. Now can we talk about some of the bad Halloween costumes we donned as children?

  2. I always considered the fruity candies a bonus when trick-or-treating. I love me some chocolate, but when it’s mostly that, a pack of smarties is a welcome change.

  3. That bar sign is awesome! I think 15 bucks is a fair price. I’ll have to check out my Big Lots, although I probably wouldn’t be able to keep it up after Halloween, but maybe.

    And your set up looks great! It’s your Halloween Mood Table.

  4. I’m more of a Lennon fan, but the McCartney album is a great addition to your shrine. Agreed on the candy rankings although I’d go so far as to rate Smarties lower than C. Not a Fail, but not average either. D+.

  5. I agree on the “keeping candy honest.” I was just in a 99 cent store last night and was contemplating buying some cheap candy for any trick or treaters to save a few bucks but then thought “This is the candy I would have thought was crap when *I* was a kid.” And didn’t do it. (Thank you candy conscience!)
    I disagree though on your grading: I considered Smarties “B” candy, my “A”s were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sweetarts.
    Great post. Nice to see your Halloween space brimming with fun.

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