My Halloween Headquarters

I had to carve out a space in my apartment just for me, just for Halloween. And here it is, my Halloween Headquarters. It’s a good way of making Halloween feel official. I used the top of my stereo cabinet to set up the HQ, where I’ve got a few of the things you’ve already seen if you’ve been following the countdown the past two weeks. As I was taking the picture, the framed album of McCartney II was in the shot, and I decided not to crop it out. It’s an expression that’s appropriate in virtually every context.

Also, here’s something I haven’t shared yet on the countdown, another one of my 2010 acquisitions, the Dracula’s Pub bar sign. I picked it up at Big Lots for $15. At first I thought that was a steep price, but as a wannabe collector of light-up bar signs, I couldn’t turn down the chance to own a Halloween one.

As soon as I plugged it in, I knew it was well worth the fifteen bucks. The lights aren’t dim and flickery, but clear and bright. The sign itself is sturdy, and I should know, since I dropped it three times as I was figuring out the best way to hang it.

I also hooked the HQ up with some legit Halloween candy like Kit Kats and Snickers sprinkled throughout as well as some of the dollar store crap candy I purchased.

You got to keep your candy honest. When you were trick-or-treating, you always received a mixture of A+ candy (chocolate), some B-level candy (Twizzlers, Sweettarts), a few C’s (Dum Dum Pops, Smarties), and then a handful of total fails like the Palmer mockolates and the weird bag of nuts. So when purchasing candy for myself, I keep it honest with a mixture of good and bad.

I’m keeping the post short tonight, relaxing with a frosted mug of pumpkin ale and some Snickers. There’s a definite Halloween mood in the air and on top of my stereo cabinet.

7 thoughts on “My Halloween Headquarters

  1. Glad you noted that McCartney expression b/c it’s the first thing I noticed… and naturally thought that part of the display. It’s appropriate. Now can we talk about some of the bad Halloween costumes we donned as children?

  2. That bar sign is awesome! I think 15 bucks is a fair price. I’ll have to check out my Big Lots, although I probably wouldn’t be able to keep it up after Halloween, but maybe.

    And your set up looks great! It’s your Halloween Mood Table.

  3. I’m more of a Lennon fan, but the McCartney album is a great addition to your shrine. Agreed on the candy rankings although I’d go so far as to rate Smarties lower than C. Not a Fail, but not average either. D+.

  4. I agree on the “keeping candy honest.” I was just in a 99 cent store last night and was contemplating buying some cheap candy for any trick or treaters to save a few bucks but then thought “This is the candy I would have thought was crap when *I* was a kid.” And didn’t do it. (Thank you candy conscience!)
    I disagree though on your grading: I considered Smarties “B” candy, my “A”s were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sweetarts.
    Great post. Nice to see your Halloween space brimming with fun.

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