Mummy Toys!

Mummy Toys! Plastic tombs! Exclamation points!

Though I’m actually very dour this evening due to the Ravens losing this afternoon. I’m getting by however, with a little help from a baby monkey going backwards on a pig.


Ahem. It also helps to have mummy toys that pop out of their coffins. What can I say? I’m surrounded by love.

You’ll have to help me out identifying these. I’m not sure who/what they are from. All I know is that they’re mummies that pop out of their coffins, and that was good enough for me.

Well, I suppose only one is an actual mummy, the guy wrapped in the bandages. The others are a zombie-looking dude and some kind of undead warrior dude. I found the three of them for two bucks at a flea market.

They don’t have any identifying information printed on them. I tried googling all sorts of things they might be called. Crypt Keepers? Coffin Poppers? Tomb Knockers? Mummies Alive? None of the above. I believe there are a few more in the series, and I’m not even sure that I have the right ghouls matched to the right tombs.

I like this guy in blue. He’s brute. His skull was cut open and stitched back together. He’s wearing short shorts.

The bandaged mummy may or may not actually belong in King Tut’s tomb. But for now I’ll call him Tut.

And then there’s the tattered-clothes zombie dressed in Christmas colors. I’m going to choose him as my favorite.

As you can see, they have some spring-loaded action going on inside their coffins. You attach their feet to the levers inside and push a button, and they burst forward. Whoever these dudes are, I’m excited to add them to my Halloween line-up around the apartment.

I haven’t quite found a way to decorate for Halloween yet. Right now I’m surrounded by lots of little Halloween-type toys and gourds and boxes of half-eaten candy. In other words, it’s like Halloween puked all over the place, which is better than when the dog pukes all over the place. But I don’t have a dog, so this is a metaphorical dog, anyway.


In the meantime, I’ve noticed the Tomb Popping Gang are great dancers:

And you know what song they’re dancing to?


16 thoughts on “Mummy Toys!

    1. thanks. good eye. I see they’re from 2003. Makes sense. Taco Bell’s toys sucked when I was kid, but these are really cool/somewhat quality. I wouldn’t haven even guessed they were fast food toys.

  1. Supernaturals were my favorite second-tier toys fromt he 80’s. Loved those! BTW, Pizza, we picked up some candy corn Dots yesterday. They are delicious and I would have completely ignored them if not for your article. I’d thank you, but I think the remnants of one latched onto my back tooth and created a cavity overnight. Owwwww!

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know Taco Bell had toys. Those are super awesome. And check out those names! The zombie was my favorite too, and now that I know he’s called Ghul, he’s just that much more awesome.

  3. That one in the shorts looks a LOT like David Prowse as the monster in Hammer’s “The Horror of Frankenstein,” does he not?

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