Freeze Pops, Reviewed

So this post is going to get crazy, fast. Let me explain. All summer I’ve been posting entries with a summer-related theme. From the beginning, freeze pops were on my list to review. I thought I’d pick up a pack of Fla-Vor-Ices, freeze ’em, eat ’em, and reminisce. I had it in the bag.

Then I thought, no–it should be bigger. More than a post. A celebration of freeze pops. I always wanted to try some of those niche-brands of freeze pop. Maybe I’d pick up a box or two at the pharmacy.

But I kept thinking about it. I wanted more. What about those depressing generic freeze pops that come in bulk-size sacks? What do they taste like? And what about the legendary freeze pops of my youth, Otter Pops? Could they still be found on store shelves?

I went on a mission, not sure what I would come home with. To Walgreen’s! To Rite Aid! To Shoppers Food! To The Bad Wal-Mart Where They Only Ever Have One Lane Open But I Don’t Feel Like Driving To The Good Wal-mart!

What happened next was a blur. I made rash decisions. I came to my senses in the car, but it was too late; I had bought six different cases. (Honey, I used the joint-account, so they’re your freeze pops, too! ARE YOU EXCITED?)

I’ve gone mad and filled my freezer with 182 freeze pops! I am living out the wildest dreams of my eight-year-old self.

We didn’t have any real food in there, anyway. I had to shove some bag of frozen vegetables in the back corner. I cranked the freezing temperature up to EIGHT to start freezing the bastards.

Pay no attention to what appears to be a large quantity of liquor.

Then I really began thinking. If I was truly going to review the freeze pops–I mean, truly present the sort of hard-hitting journalism that you’ve come to expect from The Surfing Pizza–I was going to have to review every single flavor contained within the cases. After all, a Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon would not be the same as an Otter Pop Louie Bloo-Berry.

I did the math, which meant eating approximately twenty-nine different flavors of red and green and purple and blue.

Now, the post is in no way comprehensive–there are scores of brands of freeze pops out there, and I only have six. This will therefore be a fleeting overview, but not an inadequate one. And besides, I may lose all of my teeth doing this, thanks to the sheer volume of corn syrup I’m about to consume.

Let’s have a look first at the Fla-Vor-Ice.

Fla-Vor-Ice are the Crayola crayons of freeze pops. Any other crayon is crap. The colors are not as vivid, the feel of the crayon not as sturdy. Same with Fla-Vor-Ice versus other freeze pops. Others are melty, sticky messes, with dull colors and weak flavors.

I could never pronounce Fla-Vor-Ice as a kid. It was a strangely hyphenated, intimidating thing. Perhaps those hyphens meant long pauses, or maybe it was Germanic. I just called them freeze pops. In other countries, freeze pops are known as ice pops, freezies, and ice lollies.

And then there’s the flavors.

Green – Green has always been my favorite Fla-Vor-Ice. It reminds me of fighting. Ninja Turtles, toy soldiers, and light sabers. Green makes me feel bad ass. The flavor has a nice tang to it.

Blue – A backup favorite, if only because blue was my childhood favorite color. I like the sweetness of blue.

And I still remember the heady days of the blue revolution.

Back in the 1980s, the color blue was a sort of revolution. Kool Aid, M&Ms, freeze pops, snowball stands, and brands of bubblegum all breathlessly introduced blue flavors to their lineups. This was not just another new flavor. It was BLUE. Children across the land staggered toward the light en masse, rubbing their eyes, realizing they could actually consume blue foods.

We take blue for granted now, but back then, it was an awakening. I still remember the first time I saw a pitcher of Berry Blue Kool Aid on the patio table at Carl Winter’s ninth-birthday party. But blue flavor was bigger than that. It was bigger than all of us. Blue made the nightly news.

There were panicked reports that blue-tongued children were so wild for blue Kool-Aid that they were mistakenly guzzling jugs of anti-freeze. Hysteria spread! Packets of Berry Blue were feverishly pulled from the shelves! But we children bandied together. Underneath the slide at the park. On the blacktops at recess. On the hill tops, before we raced down.

At first, we whispered, but our whispers soon became roars. We protested. You won’t take our blue away! What do we want? BLUE. When do we want it? NOW.

If the preceding sentences were senseless babble, I’ll just say this: it was the 1980s. And if it did make sense to you, it’s because you were there, comrade.

Red – Oh, red. So dependable and trustworthy. I could never really get into the fake cherry flavor, but I could appreciate a strong color.

Pink – The weirdo in the bunch. I disliked the color, but secretly loved its mystery flavor, whatever it was supposed to be. What is it supposed to be, anyway? I still go for a pink every now and then, and its sweet, tingly flavor.

Orange – Another old reliable. The most boring, but perfectly serviceable.

Grape – This one feels like a specialty flavor. Like the kids who claimed it as their favorite were always a little weird, and they had specialties, like identifying gemstones or playing with microscopes. Little scientists who liked the Donatello color best of all. Red and green were the brutish colors; orange and pink were the deer-eyed little girl colors; purple was the geek color. And blue was for us all.

Overall Fla-Vor-Ice Grade: Solid. As always. A+++

Next, I have a box of Hawaiian Punch freeze pops.

Hawaiian Punch. If only we could have had it on tap in the house. Naturally, I loved the mascot, Punchy. I knew nothing of Hawaiians beyond the episode of Full House where the Tanners were unsuspectingly kidnapped by native midgets and then taken to a Beach Boys concert. Hawaii was a weird place.

The case of freeze pops is rather small, containing only eight pops and four flavors. But they do pack a nice “punch” at a whopping two ounces per bar.

Fruity Juicy Red – This one was refreshing, appropriately “punchy.” Tastes just like the juice. Ice cold and lovely. My teeth feel red.

Orange Ocean – Based on the name, I wanted this to whoosh with orange flavor, something my tongue could hang ten on. But instead, it just tastes like orange. Orange always tastes like just orange.

Green Berry Rush – Apple-juicy and really nice. Loves it.

Berry Blue Typhoon – Like the orange, I expected a whoosh–a storm of flavor. Instead, it was bland blue flavor. This is not what we fought the revolution for. Where’s the typhoon?

Overall Box Grade: A-. The red and green flavors make a great showing. Orange is dependable at least. The blue seemed bland, but it could have possibly been my tongue numbing.

Another quirky brand I picked up was a box of Warhead freeze pops.

Blue was not the only revolution in the 1980s. There was also a Sour Period in which all candies and gums introduced extreme sour flavors. It’s good to see Warheads is still around as a brand.

The Warheads are another small box containing only ten pops, each clocking in at a pithy one ounce, but boy, do they do pack a lot of flavor.

Watermelon – Burns a little. Okay, I’m a wimp, and it burns a lot. Classic Warhead flavor. More burn than melon, but the melon is great, also. Based on this pop, I’m ready to grade the entire box an A.

Blue Raspberry– Warheady with a bitter aftertaste. Not a lot of raspberry taste–just a lot of sour.

Which reminds me, a footnote in the history of blue: Blue Raspberry. When blue came out, the most obvious flavor correlation was berry, like blue berries. At some point though, the raspberry began to take over, as though blue raspberry was somehow edgier.

Black Cherry – This is the first pop I officially hate in my taste-testing. I absolutely hate the flavor of black cherry, and to make things worse, this one is floral-y. It tastes like the flowers in a funeral home. Add in the sour punch of malic acid, and this pop takes my hatred of black cherry to a new level.

Green Apple – This one suffers from the same problem as the blue–not a lot of flavor beyond the sourness. I cannot detect the apple flavor at all. Still, the sour is enjoyable.

Overall Grade: B++. I loved the Watermelon. Green and Blue, while pleasantly sour, have no distinct flavor. Black Cherry sucks big time.

Next up, a Depressing Big Ass Generic Bag of “Fun Pops.”

When I was kid, I received nothing but the best when it came to consumer goods. I got Brand Name. Coca-cola, Crayola, Lucky Charms, Twinkies, and Nike. I guess I was spoiled in this regard, because I’ve heard HORROR stories about the breakfast table with “Marshmallow Maties” or “Cinnamon Toasters.” And I want to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for your unfortunate childhood.

The girlfriend had a sad, off-brand childhood. She never had Fla-Vor-Ice as a kid, and she never heard of Otter Pops until I brought them home yesterday.

Instead, she had these:

DEPRESSING. And yet somehow, it depresses me further. Her parents didn’t even buy her freeze pops–no, she delves into a story about how she befriended a church-going neighbor girl because they always had freeze pops. I can totally see the girlfriend sitting under a tree with the church girl, listening to Bible stories, just to get free freeze pop.

The sack of pops comes with thirty-six bars, delivering a colossal 2.5 ounces of frozen corn syrup.

They may be the best bargain, quantity-wise, but they sacrifice some quality. Look at this.

A bent-up, rickety-looking pop. WHAT FLAVOR IS THAT? CLEAR?

Pina Colada – The clear flavor is actually Pina Colada, and it’s exactly like Pina Colada. Fascinating. Pina Colada is one of those flavors that miraculously always tastes exactly the same, no matter the medium. I don’t love it though. It’s a thick flavor and very syrupy.

Grape – This tastes like baby diaper. The girlfriend liked it. She would.

Blue – Ack! Cleaning fluid blue! I’m pretty sure I could wipe the windows with this.

Orange – As always is orange. Old faithful, orange is.

Green – Exactly like Fla-Vor-Ice, surprisingly. Can’t complain.

Banana – I’m shocked. This one is great. I love fake banana flavor. A lot of people hate it, but banana is my first choice always, whether it be ice cream, pudding, Laffy Taffy, or Runts.

At this point, my fingers are very sticky, and I’ve eaten twenty freeze pops. I’m feeling odd. I think I could possibly hallucinate things.

Red – Ummm. Finding it difficult to concentrate. I think it tasted red.

Overall Box Grade: D for DEPRESSING.

I’ve got to keep going. Next is Slush Puppie.

Slush Puppies weigh in at twelve bars and two ounces each. They have a dog with a little snow hat and “S” sweater. Don’t you just love him? I do.

Slush Puppies are the oddball of the group. They are actually made of gelatin instead of ice. It gives them a very different texture, a frozen goopy gel that slides icily down the throat. Yum.

Red – After eating all that ice, the frozen gel is surprising and welcome. I don’t love the red flavor, which is a tad cough syrupy, but the flavor and texture are novel enough to my tongue.

Blue – The blue is very sweet, and therefore very refreshing. It makes me feel like the doggie on the box. I am the Slush Puppie. Goo goo ga joob.

Thank God there are only two flavors in this box.

Overall Box Grade – Despite being deathly sick of freeze pops right now, I’m rating this box a B- for the icy goop, and an A+ for the dog.

Now, these next ones are legendary. Otter Pops.

Tracking down a box of Otter Pops was my number one priority for this post. When I finally encountered them in the summer section of the pharmacy, it no longer mattered to me that my only choice was to purchase a gigantic case of one hundred pops that would barely fit in the freezer. One hundred! I may still have them by Halloween, and could potentially give them to trick-or-treaters.

Why are Otter Pops legendary? Because Otter Pops features cartoon otters in rainbow colors. This is the sort of advertising that is like crack to children. It’s near-impossible to resist, let alone not fall completely in love with.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Otter Pops, even without remembering what they taste like. I love the box they come in. I want to save it for when I move, and carry only my most beloved objects in it.

Back in the 1980s, Otter Pops were not as widely-distributed as their Fla-Vor-Ice counterpart. We begged for them when there was a rare Otter Pop sighting at the grocery store.

Otter Pops are small at only one ounch each, but they have a big heart. Finally, here’s a secret. They are exactly the same as Fla-Vor-Ice. They’re made by Jelsert, the same company, and there’s no use in reviewing the flavors, because they are exactly the same.

But…lest we forget…RAINBOW OTTERS.

Poncho Punch – He hates artificial plants.
Alexander the Grape – Regularly tours ancient ruins.
Strawberry Short Kook – Loves spelunking.
Louie Bloo Raspberry – The gay one. Hates oil spills.
Little Orphan Orange – The sad and helpless little girl.
Sir Issac Lime – The nerd. Pet peeve: mathematical inaccuracies.

I did, in fact, sample each flavor of Otter Pops to scientifically conclude that they’re the same, thus bringing my grand freeze pop total to twenty nine, and a blood sugar spike that is off the charts. I swear, the Otter Pops did seem to have a better “mouthfeel” than all the others, but now I sound like I’m reviewing a fine red wine.

Overall box grade: A++++++++ The classic flavors of Fla-Vor-Ice plus cartoon otters.

Now, anyone got any good freeze pop stories?

91 thoughts on “Freeze Pops, Reviewed

  1. This was like Man Vs. Freeze Pops.

    We look like alcoholic freeze pop fanatics. Remember when you made margaritas and tried to make it fancy by adding a green freeze pop? If you don’t remember, it was kind of gross.

    1. My Story: Im an alcoholic in recovery. Im also a Christian. Yes, I bought the “bland brand” at Rural King. No . . . not joking . . . we were there for overals for my daughter. Couldn’t pass up freeze pops in June. Your article was a blast. Last night we were listening toJesus music and horking down pops like professionals. Today I am humbled to find that Im a rank amateur. My hay day was the 70’s. Though the 80’s were largely adolescent. Late arrival to fatherhood, but thoroughly enjoying freeze pop Jesus memories. My daughter is with me as I writing this. Yes, I texted her the link to your review. We were both enthraled. Gonna Amazon Otter Pops next. Do you think they’ll come frozen or will have to add time to the estimaed arrival? I am a true child of the boomer generation. I want mine now. Sooner if possible. Thanks for the great read. God Bless to you both. Youre a good man to bring your girl up to speed on the finer aspects of freeze pop cuisine.
      All the best,
      Andrew & Sofia

  2. I sent this link to my husband and now he’s hooked, Pizza. We’re both children of the 80’s. I love these peeks into our childhood.

  3. I forgot all about Otter Pops, but now I remember loving them clear as day. Thanks! I’d argue that Alexander is the gay one though. He fancies himself from ancient Greece and most ancient Greek men swung that way. Louis is just French.

    1. we could easily present a case for Poncho Punch though, too–because he’s in cowboy drag. And I have since noticed that Louie Bloo is making eyes at Strawberry Kook on the box.

    1. Wylers

      Hands.down. the most flavorful. Ev24

      Fat boy had feeeze pops but theyyre kind of like push pops.

      Anyways sour watermelon. Fatboy sour watermelon freeze.pops

      Id 6 year old.for no where around me.sells them anymore :(

      Fatboy said they could send me some…but dry ice and overnight shipping…….is $100 :( :( :(

  4. I make sure, during all seasons, that I have a constant supply of Otter Pops in the fridge. I just started trying other ones. My Hawaiian Punch and Slush Puppy ones don’t have the logo on the wrapper like yours. I have been screwed.

    A few others I have had include Jelly Belly, Soda Pop (Dr. Pepper,A&W, 7Up, and Crush), and what I consider to be my holy grail, Yoo-Hoo freezer pops.

    1. Yeah I saw the Jelly Belly and Soda ones at the store. Thought that might be “overdoing” it. ha. How were the soda ones?

      Wow Yoohoo pops? That certainly is a holy grail.

      1. The soda ones are good, they all taste like what they represent. Dr. Pepper is a weird flavor for an ice bar.

      2. You didn’t miss anything by leaving out Jelly Belly. They aren’t as good as you want them to be. The flavors are based off of their most basic jelly beans. Just average, every day ice pops. They should’ve gone with their cooler flavors. I’d love to try a Buttered Popcorn ice pop.

  5. Yeah, at some point the Fla-Vor-Ice parent company bought the Otter Pops brand. I was a little disappointed when I also finally came across a box and found that they were identical now. Yet another reason for this generation’s Doc Brown to get off his lazy ass an invent time travel so that I can at least try an original Otter Pop. Sigh.

    Have you ever run across the Mexican variations of freeze pops that come in a much thicker plastic coating that’s rounded on the end like a big test tube and have a twist off top kind of like those Kool-Aid squeeze-itz? Interesting because of their more international flavors, but hard as hell to eat.

    This was a great article btw…

  6. Nice! Let me see if I can get hold of “Karate Pops”, if they still make them. This is the kind that’s got a thinner middle spot, so kids can karate chop them in half, to share. Nice review!!! Got here by way of “Branded In The 80s”

  7. Wow, I had looked forward to someday getting the chance to try the fabled Otter Pop. And now… they are the SAME as Fla-Vor-Ice? I am not sure how this makes me feel.

  8. I grew up with those bags of freeze pops and I loved them. I thought the bag was really cool. Those Otter Pops are killing me though, I can only imagine how my life would be different now if I had had those as a child.

    You’ve proven to me though that I seem to have a strange fascination with pictures of peoples freezers. Might just be that I’m nosy.

  9. I grew up on fla-vor-ice pops… never heard of Otter Pops until this. Are they like regional or something?

    Also grew up a church-going kid whose “church people” family did not buy depressing generic pops, and who did not sit under trees telling Bible stories to other kids. Thanks for the stereotyping, dude. I really appreciate that.

  10. We always had freezer pops growing up, but because the freezer was stuffed with forgotten loaves of bread and chicken pot pies we could never find a flat place to freeze them. They always had a couple kinks in them, which meant having to eat them one section at a time till the angles thawed out. And inevitably, we were always stuck with about 50 purple ones to dutifully slurp down by the end of the summer.

    1. Dear Mom . . . 4 bottles of booze and no food?
      Yes . . . you should be. Only mildly though. He’s still got rule of his thinking. If he begins to slde gimme a jingle. All the best. LOL

  11. We never really had freezies in my house growing up. They were these strange exotic things I had from rare time to time at a friend’s house or my cousin’s. I tended to suck all the juicy flavour up first though, so the bitter ice at the end never made me feel like I was missing something.

    I had one today for the first time in perhaps 10 years at the home of a little girl I was babysitting.

    Its interesting to read a huge-ass review like this on something I know so little about. And hey man, give the generics a higher score, you found over half of them tasty! Fair’s fair.

  12. otter pops used to have the color-namesake otter on each and every bar.

    now how I am supposed to pretend that it’s their multi-colored souls that I am drinking by the time I am finished?

  13. Does anyone remember Chilly Willy freeze pops? Back in the late 80s or early 90s my grandparents used to buy them for me – always a box or two waiting in their chest freezer.

    It was a thin (about an inch thick) square box – mustard yellow in color, with a picture of a boy eating a freeze pop. Red shirt, blue shorts, black hair, if I’m not mistaken. There was a little window where you could see the pops lined up, single file, in the box.

    They were the best freeze pops I’ve ever had. Isn’t it weird how something so small can be remembered so vividly?

    I can’t seem to find any information on them anywhere on the internet. Not even a picture on google images. I know I’m not crazy! There used to a warehouse in Burlington, NC that had a giant emblem on the outside of the boy on the front of the box – now it’s just a bottled water factory.

    Sigh. Maybe I should scour ebay. ha.

    1. Me and my friend was sitting here talking about Chilly Willy’s and looking for somewhere to order some but no luck. If you locate any information please reply to my comment.

    2. Chilly Willy’s are called Fun Pop’s now and are sold at Wal-Mart and many other stores under private labeling. Same family owned company still makes them in Burlington, NC.

      The guy may give them a “D” but they are the #1 selling freezer pops in the USA.

    3. I remember Chilly Willy’s too! But I don’t recall having them after the early 90’s. They were amazing. I grew up in Eastern NC so maybe it was a local brand?

      1. I remember Chilly Willy’s like it was yesterday. I too have been trying to search for any information on them that I can get and google turns up nothing. Has anyone tried the Fun Pop’s mentioned above, anything like Chilly Willys?

    4. I too grew up in NC and I too have search far and wide for a box of these classic number 1 of freeze pops. This article is incomplete without Chilly Willy!! Every flavor was good, you didnt have to look in box for flavor you just grab and go. But GRAPE was the king!! They had the right sweet with that tang in the end, that made you smack your lips. I am 37y.o. and have my family searching to this day for a box of Chilly WIlly Pops. It might have been just a NC thing. Like Sundrop was. Nice blog!

  14. now you can do ‘otter-shots’!!!!…after eating half the otter pop, fill the baggie-thing the rest of the way up with liquor,shake it up and chug it down!

    also, congratulations on the awesome otter pop score! it always takes me a few years of searching to find any these days…its an icy shame!

  15. I’ve been buying freezer pops form Dollar Tree. One brand is from Wylers called Authentic Italian Ices. Do you know this one? And the other I’ve been buying is called Kool Pops. Familiar with that one?

    1. Jannghi – I’ve tried the Wyler’s Italian Ices. The freeze pops are yummy, but those Italian ices – Crikey!! A taste/texture explosion!! I’m addicted!! (sorry for the late post.).

  16. Awesome job Pizza Man!

    My 16 year old son Tana and I just recently re-discovered the simple joy that is Fla-Vor-Ice. While on a typical weekend journey to WalMart about a month ago, we grabbed a box of the juicy and tempting sticks on a whim. After all 100 sticks for about $7.00 is supremely whim-able. The next day, after proper curing and freezing, we were hooked.

    It has become routine for us, about 10pm while winding down from a long day, that one of us will randomly yell out “Which Flavor”? while heading to the garage freezer to grab a pair to savor (this sometimes occurs twice a night).

    I actually don’t even know what brand we got because our box got thrown out on day one, but I will say that one of them was yellow, I was expecting something lemony, and what I got was the most delightful Bannana-y flavor, which is now officially my favorite.

    Now that I’m past my rookie box, and have graduated from SurfingPizza Freezer Pop-U, I promise to pay attention to the brands, and will endeavor to seek new brands and flavors continually as I pass through this journey called life.

    After all, It’s only 7 bucks.

  17. I feel gypped being up here in Canada…..NO OTTER POPS! The next time I jump the boarder I’m grabbing a case!!!!
    Fla-Vor-Ice was a staple growing up, but I do recall eating the generic ones too. I must not have eaten too many of the anti-freeze ones….I still have my vision.

  18. I feel gypped being up here in Canada…..NO OTTER POPS! The next time I jump the border I’m grabbing a case!!!!
    Fla-Vor-Ice was a staple for me growing up, but I do recall eating the generic ones too. I must not have eaten too many of the blue anti-freeze ones….I still have my vision.

  19. This is the greatest post in the history of the Internet. Seriously. Everything about it perfect. The story of Blue, the appropriate reverence for the king of freeze pops, Otter Pops, even the joint-checking shoutout to Mrs. Surfing Pizza.

  20. Had a discussion about freeze pops at a bar the other night after being talked into buying a box of warhead ones by the ex girlfriend who is a sugar addict. Have to say…. ate a whole box in a day then snuck back to buy more late at night. The other guy having drinks with us used to be a caddy and cleaned the inventor of Otter Pops’ clubs. His last name really was Otter. And he was a dirty ol’ man who loved dirty ol’ jokes . Thanks for posting this.. though i never really cared for popsicles or freeze pops as a kid.. always thought i was getting gypped out of ice cream… i’ve come around. at least with the warhead ones.

  21. OH MY WORD! Like double-up Cory, I feel duped! We only had 1, YES ONE, brand here in South Africa – Jolly Jumbo Ice Pops ( … Booooorrrring! Most ice-cream companies here have a ‘ice-lolly’ version but they are nothing like what Otter Pops or any of the others might taste like. I’ll have to make a way to get me some :)
    PS. Love the blog… it’s awesome and will continue to follow…

  22. Reblogged this on Global Family Treks and commented:
    My pal, Erin, works at the USO in Kandahar, Afghanistan. She just sent the following message on Facebook so I thought I’d share it. (Having been there in 2010, I can attest to how hot it gets there. Legs stuck together, fry an egg on the road hot-hot-HOT)

    So you want to send something fun and different to the guys out here fighting for America?!?! We need Otter pops! You know those awesome freezy pops you loved as a kid. We just got a freezer and we know that in about two weeks it is going to be hot as Hades here and they will be a perfect treat. Just mail them to the address below:
    Cool Treats for Troops
    APO AE 09355

    The link above for Otter Pops is to the company’s website. Even better is that if you order from, it definitely ships to Kandahar. (I know. I did it and products arrive within a couple of weeks. How awesome is that?)

    Of course, for anyone from our NATO partners’ home countries, those guys and gals would definitely appreciate Otter Pops too, but I would have to do a little digging around to find out how to get mail to them. I had British, Dutch, Danish, Canadian, Romanian, French and Bulgarian neighbors when I was there in 2010.

    Hmm, I wonder if Google would know? In the meantime, I did find a great post on freezer pops among other nostalgic foods. Check out The Surfing Pizza post here!

  23. OMG, I love this blog. I hope you don’t mind that I reblogged it, but I was desperately looking for a photo of Otter Pops and stumbled upon your post. Now I may just have to order 100 Otter Pops because I know the commissary here in Germany doesn’t carry it, yet.

  24. I would just like to say that one Halloween I was reduced to giving children freeze pops (I’d like to think they were Otter Pops even). Eventually I had to give un-frozen ones even. But let me say… the kids LOVED getting them. They were all kinds of excited. Frankly I was confused because I feel like as a kid I would have been moderately miffed to receive a freeze pop while t&ting, but hey, was a win all around.

  25. i LOVE freezer pops but that would be too much in one day, i dont even see how you could taste anything after 3 or 4, also you should order some alcoholic freezer pops and review those

  26. I buy the cheap generic fun-pops specifically for the piña colada. Me and my 5 year old fight for them I found this post by feverishly googling for a source of pure piña colada by the case. How can you not love them? However, I totally agree with your assessment of fake cherry flavor.

  27. I happen to think that the Hawaiian Punch Freezer Pops are better than Fla-Vor Ice. I think the flavors are stronger and the texture is just right. Not super hard ice, but not gooey. Just right. They are my #1 favorite hands down

  28. Ive got a box of Pop-Ice and Fun-Pops in the freezer side by side and the Fun-Pops are lying on a Fla-Vor-Ice carton.Whenever i get a new bag of Fun-Pops i just take off the little retainer clip and shove them all on the Fla-Vor-Ice carton in one motion,then throw away the clip and red mesh bag.I go for the length and thickness of the pop than quantity and flavor,thats why Pop-Ice is my backup pop now,which has 100ct. and smaller.I only eat two pops a week after my workouts.Its sort of like my reward.Body heat rises during workouts and frozen pops cool you down while relaxing in your recliner.Ah,tastes so good!!!

  29. If you go to walgreens right now they have a huge selection of quality freeze pops. We got the slush puppy (4 flavors cherry,watermelon,blue raspberry and cola) and we got a box of flavorice sweet and sour (has 2 flavors per pop green apple/watermelon in one and strawberry/blueraspberry in the other) All of them are very good and the pops are larger than most

    1. What about the triangle shaped icy pops from Minute Maid. The carton was a thin cardboard like material and you would tear the top off. They came in cherry, orange, and grape. I found some a few months ago and was so excited! But once I tasted them the flavor and texture are not what I remember from the 80-90’s.

  30. Thank you for this. Amazing review.

    And boy do I remember “blue”. If I remember correctly M&Ms let people vote for the new color, didn’t they? I wanted it to be purple SO badly. But alas, it was blue. Even back then I figured it was just a fad and blue M&Ms would phase out. But no. It’s still there. Way to go blue. Way to hang in there.

  31. I’m a huge freezer ice/pop fan…so much so that I started hashing out a concept for nutritional freezer ice/pop NutritionICE or NutritICE…Any tips Pizza?

  32. Have you tried kool pops? They have 8 flavors, the tropical punch one is yellow and the strawberry one is pink in that mix.

  33. I came here looking for Fun Pops. My first one was peach…thrilling! No really, I LOVE peaches. That was May, and I haven’t found any since then. It’s all Fla-Vor-Ice. How can I be happy with so few flavors? How can you find Fun Pops depressing? Give me peach, pina colada, banana…don’t leave me with all these red (raspberry? cherry? strawberry? wtf?) Fla-Vor-Ices!

  34. Now enter Wyler’s Authentic Italian Ices and Tropical Ices and you get the best of childhood without guilt as an adult!!!!! Love ❤ ’em all!! A++

  35. My heart is warmed at the nostalgia and sentiment a box of pops can bring to us that remember them. Otter pops, Chilly Willy, the Mexican tube freeze pops, I had them all and remember the feeling it was like to get one of these treats .. A symphony of emotions that only childhood can bring forth, from the excitement of frozen colored sugar. Almost makes me want to start a frozen ice pop company :)

  36. Sitting here at work, working on a Lime Crush freezie. I stumbled across this and giggled. As someone who wants all the freeze pops, I got a little excited at the prospect of sampling these tasty delights. It reminds me of my all time favorite flavor. Back in the mid-80’s, Kisko here in Canada used to sell pink bubblegum flavored freeze pops and they were Uh-maz-ing. Sadly nobody else (including the internet) seems to remember them.

  37. Omg u ARE my goddamn spirit animal…I have a serious freeze pop addiction – I’m 31 btw – and last nite I reviewed these star wars freeze pops I found at rite aid for my bf and he found this post for me lol wylers Italian ice freeze pops are ridiculously good, sometimes u can find em at dollar stores…awesome flavors & the texture is so smooth lol thx for this tho

  38. The blue revolution, the raspberry reinterpretation gambit, the sour explosion… I was there, brother. In the shit. I still have flashbacks of sucking on the plastic the pops were wrapped in until there was nothing left but backwash. For like an hour. Cuz there was always a little flavor left.

  39. Favorite Fla Vor Ice flavors in order:
    1. Blue
    2. Pink
    3. Green
    4. Red
    5. Orange
    6. Purple

    Fun Pops were not that good. I didnt like the texture…

  40. Great post!
    Being in in Maryland, near the Delaware and Pennsylvania border, my 5 year old and I enjoy Food Lion’s Freeze Pops in the Family Pack.
    The netted package contains 36 @ 2.5 oz each Assorted Flavors.
    Although the flavors are not identified, we detect Pina Colada (5 year old’s favorite), Peach (my favorite), Red, Grape, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, and Light Green (my 2nd favorite).

  41. Awesome post. Ordered two cases of Otter Pops for a work function only to find out no one had ever heard of them (I live in PA.) Oh well, they are going in the break room freezer next week for 4th of July. I can’t wait to try them (grew up on Fla Vor Ice, but at least I knew what an Otter Pop was!) My personal favorite are the Wyler’s Authentic Italian Ice. It’s a texture/consistency thing – I like the softer texture over the rock hard slab of ice. We’ll see how they go over at work! For anyone interested, you can order them from Walmart – $3.98 for a box of 80 1.5 oz bars. Talk about a bargain!

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