Breaking the Seal


Everyone loves the Halloween traditions of choosing a costume, carving the pumpkin, and dressing the dog as Peter Pan, but then there are the lesser-known traditions, such as breaking the seal on the candy you bought for the kids.

You buy it with your groceries and throw it on the bottom shelf of the pantry, waiting to bring out on Halloween night to fill the candy bowl. But like the sirens’ call, the candy beckons you. Just one piece. You’ll just have one. Each year, succumbing to the candy, you break the seal well before Halloween.

It happened. I’ve had more than one piece, and at this point, more than a few. I don’t have an exact number, but I think it constitutes several. I’m well on the road to finishing the bag before Halloween. I’m writing this blog every night, hopped-up on Laffy Taffy. No wonder I come up with crap like Cheese-O-Lantern. Hey–you oughta see what I’m dreaming about in my sleep.

Baby baby, it’s a wild world.

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