Pirate Skeletons!


Pirate Skeletons seemed like a good way to start the season. This guy here is a Playmobil Pirate Skeleton, and he’s also our Master of Ceremonies. I like how they didn’t skimp on his weapons–he has a torch, a sword, and a knife. He’s prepared for some pillaging. He also glows in the dark.

Playmobil makes great toys and playsets–I think of them as “slice of life” playsets, they have everything it seems–from the traditional firehouses and police stations, to the strange airport security screening playset. I totally have my eye on this super sweet whale and researcher on boat: Playmobil Super Sweet Whale Playset

And so here we are, ready to kick off the Halloween season. Halloween is about the days filled with TV specials, B-movies, and candy corn. It’s about sneaking bite sized Kit Kats from the candy reserved for Trick-or-Treaters, because sneaked candy tastes better. It’s crunching the fallen leaves under your shoes, and taping cardboard Frankensteins to the front window. It’s the Monster Mash and Thriller, pondering what to be for the big day, and waiting.

And Halloween is about more than just collecting candy on that big day; it’s about collecting stuff leading up–I’m thinking of all the plastic spider rings, holographic ghost stickers, flashlights with pumpkin head attachments, and Witch candy pails from McDonald’s Happy Meals that smelled like old French fries. I still love getting this kind of stuff, and the countdown is a place to show it off.

Last but not least, I’ve got big plans. Last year, we had about a hundred Trick-or-Treaters. I dressed up scary and handed out handfuls of candy to kids. This whole month I’m preparing for the big night again: stock up on good candy, cheap candy (can’t let the kids have it too good these days), planning my costume, and getting even scarier props for the porch. Also, I’m thinking strobe light. More about this later.

So this is what The Surfing Pizza is counting down–each day, I’m paying tribute to all the candy, all the stuff, all the cheap plastic shit. Join me as I plot out the porch, the props, the costumes, the tears. Yep, I’m going for tears, kids. Last year the path to the candy was so scary with monsters, machetes, and me, in a bloody monkey mask, that I made a little girl cry. It was awesome. More about this later too.

I’ve also got stories from Halloweens past, bad costume memories, and dramatic recounts of my deepest longing to dress up the dog for Halloween. That’s just a bit of what I’m hoping to do with the countdown. But let’s get back to our friend, the Pirate Skeleton. I bet you want to see his sword. So how about it–a little sword-wielding, MC Pirate Skeleton?


I like how it looks sort of pirate-y with that “netting” behind him, though this is actually just the window screen from my bedroom window, while the air conditioner still sits there, pretending it’s summer. And if you’re really sharp-eyed, you might notice he’s standing on a VHS copy of some Ninja Turtles episode. I got it for free. One day, I was walking down the street, and sitting there was a table of 80s videos with a sign that said FREE. I’m just clarifying this so you don’t think I’m the kind of weirdo who buys Ninja Turtle tapes on eBay. Besides, they’re on DVD now.


And then I have this pirate skeleton. This guy is one of those decorations that stays out all year long. He hangs on the back side of my door with this little bird telling a secret in his ear. The backdrop here, the door, looks pirate-y too. That’s because I’m sure the door is carved from an actual pirate ship.

So tune in tomorrow, or if it’s already tomorrow, then later tonight for some more Halloween crap. Not-so-exciting-teaser: plastic body parts.

11 thoughts on “Pirate Skeletons!

  1. Playmobil has some of the best figures. Not only do they have some of the best pirates, but they also have ghosts and Hell’s Angels bikers. And little kids in devil costumes…

    1. I rarely see Playmobil in stores around here, and I’ve never heard of this store, Home Goods. I just looked it up though, and there are a few HG’s in the area. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. We love Playmobil. Our son has the big castle, the pirate ship, cowboys and indians, random assorted pieces from Advent calendars, just loads and loads of it.

    We also love Halloween. In fact, we got married on Oct. 30 (the 31st was a Sunday that year and we wanted to make it easy on out of town guest to get back home and work, etc.). But, in our area, Trick or Treat is usually on the 30th, so instead of a fine evening out at a nice restaurant, we get to schlep our 2 kids around while they beg for candy!

    1. I like this, according to Playmobil’s Wikipedia,

      “Over the years, some proposed sets have included Chinese Railroad Workers and a Grave Digger for the Western theme, as well as a Medieval Torture Room. Prototypes were made. However, these sets were considered insensitive and inappropriate for young children, and were never released.”

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