Rockin’ New Years Eve With MAGIC ROCKS

Got nothing to do on New Years Eve? Us neither. But there’s two bottles of champagne, some plastic champagne flutes, and a box of Magic Rocks.

MAGIC ROCKS in full-color pictures ….coming TONIGHT.

Update: 9:30pm



The Magic Rocks appear to be more complicated than expected. Trying to figure them out despite the margaritas and wine…


I’m supposed to take the temperature of the water? Fuck that. Just pour some water in there and me another glass of wine.


9:45: Girlfriend and I in fight over Magic Rocks and photography of them.
9:51 We resolve this and take a good picture of them. Drink more wine.

10:15: First growth:


An hour later:



Happy New Years from The Pizza!

1 thought on “Rockin’ New Years Eve With MAGIC ROCKS

  1. That was infinitely more entertaining than all of the NYE shows combined!

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