Awesome Carnival Prize Jurassic Park Poster


“Thick foilage fills the heavily fortified pen, where the vicious raptors wait to devour anyone foolish enough to step inside.”

Found this sucker at Value Village for $2.82. The girlfriend is the one who actually found it, bringing it over and telling me to “brace myself.” No, I did not drop everything in my hands and gasp. However, with awe and respect in my voice, I did state out loud the name of the star of the poster, the velociraptor.

I might have passed on it if this was a poster of the T-Rex, because let’s face itm we’re all a bit tired of the T-Rex. Sure, he’s awesome too, and also a hero at the end of JP1—but remember, he ate a dog in JP2. Unforgivable. That took him down a notch in my book. They tried to make the pterodactyls the big stars in JP3. Couldn’t make it happen. Did anyone even see JP3? Oh yeah, I did. In the theater.

Anyway, what I’m getting at, (which is nothing) is that in the first Jurassic Park, the raptors were the break-out stars, outshining even the Dog Killer. And that is worth buying tribute in poster-form for $2.82. And no less a poster that’s in a standard carnival prize frame.

What else I’m getting at: MY LIFE IS AWESOME.

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