Zebra Cakes Rule


The slightly salty outer icing, the gritty sponge cake inside, the silky creme. (That means cream for the uncultured.) Never did the words twin-wrapped look so sweet. In my mind, Zebra Cakes are the leader of the Little Debbies pack. Yeah, they’re too earnest in their attempt to be cool, a bit lame, a bit vanilla, but all true leaders are like that. You might have been a Swiss Rolls kid or a Nutty Buddys fan, or you might have thought the competitor, Hostess and their line of cupcakey things, was superior. But I’m going with the stripes.

That bad ass Zebra is psychedelic sunglasses wasn’t around on the box when I was a kid, but he’s surely welcome here now. As for Little Debbie, she’s that girl who’s weird and old-timey, like Mrs. Butterworth and Wendy, but you still let her play with you. She has sugar. Her presence lends the box some credibility as well. Look, sorry to say Twinkie the Kid, but you’re a cartoon designed to appeal to children and make them fat. Little Debbie? Your snack cakes are mom-approved! In my school lunches, my mom always packed a sandwich (peanut butter and jelly), a bag of chips (Utz), a juice box (Ssips), and a snack cake (Little Debbies).

Man, when it was a Zebra Cakes in my lunchbox, my day went from good to great.

We live in an awesome world.

4 thoughts on “Zebra Cakes Rule

  1. I must say Zebra Cakes are deliciouso, however I prefer Oatmeal Creme Pies.Does anyone eat Dolly Madison cakes or Tasty cakes anymore.Tasty Cakes were the best-Butterscotch Krimpets.you would get three Krimpets per pack.Keep writng, never know what memory you will bring up next.

  2. Dude, you totally took me back to school with this post. I didn’t have zebra cakes all that often (that was considered a luxury in our family’s budget), but when I did…..man it was going to be a good day after that!

    I was a personal fan of the Nutty Buddy though. Used to always get a twin pack for 25 cents at the local Rite Aid. Good times man….good times.

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