2 Steps to Having a Great Sick Day

Today, yesterday, the day before, and likely tomorrow too, I am sick. Sick days can be pretty fun and totally worth the painful left tonsil and developing hacking cough. When I’m sick, the only thing I want to do is watch TV and movies—nothing else. This is the first step of How To Have A Great Sick Day–have a queue of crap to watch. Oh and believe me, I have watched a lot of crap. And puke. Yes, I’ve watched puke, literally. I discovered G4 has this game show called Hurl, which combines eating a lot of food and then running around. Whoever hurls is the loser. Honestly, hat’s the premise. After watching teenagers each eat 10 pounds of clam chowder and then riding the tea cups, I was hooked. I watched four episodes of this show. You should have seen this chick spewing the creamed corn.

For the first time, I saw the first Pirates of Carribean and the third Spiderman. I was bored by Pirates and enjoyed Spidey. Sick days are for blockbuster franchises. I also finally cracked open The Best of Heathcliff.

Was this cat a Garfield ripoff? Probably, but I loved him 10x more than Garfield. Eh, exaggeration. 8x more. Both cats were lazy and sarcastic. Both were fat and orange. Both were comic strips. Garfield liked lasagne. Heathcliff liked fish. Garfield was kinda cute and huggy. Heathcliff was bad and grungy. Garfield was the Beatles, Heathcliff was the Rolling Stones. I just dug him, and after watching the DVD, I still do. The DVD I got is nothing to talk about though. It was $5.99 at the Giant, claims to contain 10 episodes, but only contains five. 5 Heathcliff shorts and 5 Catillac Cats shorts, where in reality, 1 full episode contained 1 of each. This DVD irritatingly has 10 episodes listed, and while the Heathcliff shorts are shown with the intro and credits, the Catillac Cats are treated as bonus material. Remember, I’ve blown my nose 359635 times today, so I’m allowed to bitch about this kind of thing.

The theme song for Heathcliff is top notch. It is a great song. I want it to play at clubs. The writers were Shuki Levy and Haim Saban, who were the Gods of kiddie show music, doing it all from He Man to Inspector Gadget to Power Rangers.

The second step to having a great sick day is food. Yesterday was Sunday, so I had the girlfriend to take care of me and make me grilled cheese sandwiches and apple butter toast, but today I was on own, so it was lukewarm grocery store soup and Twinkies. It’s depressing that I couldn’t stand up long enough to stir a pot of Campbells, so I had to pay $3.67 for a cup of crappy soup. I also bought Sprite. I never, ever drink sugary, high calorie sodas–afterall, I don’t want those extra calories when I could be saving them for fried cheese. But when I’m sick, I want sugar.

Speaking of Twinkies, I have been looking for a reason to post about this:

That adorable little guy I found at the Superfresh, and I got him for free by sneaking him in with the girlfriend’s groceries. I innocently sat him on the conveyor belt with her coffee and eggs and oatmeal. It’s one of the rules — if it’s on the conveyor belt and it rides more than 3 inches, you have to pay for it. She could have called me on it the moment I put him on there, and I would have picked him up and frowned. But he was already riding with the eggs and coffee, so it was like it was one of hers now. Anyway, I just can’t get over how he takes up an entire lunch box. You couldn’t fit him and a sandwich in there, forget about a bag of fruit snacks. He is your entire lunch. He was my entire dinner, along with a 6 pack of Sprite. Ugh.

Well I’m out of DVDs and Sprite, so I have no idea how I’ll spend my sick day tomorrow. Probably cough a little, go through the rest of this box of tissues, and hope I’m well enough to make a decent soup.

2 thoughts on “2 Steps to Having a Great Sick Day

  1. Hope you are feeling better so we can have more surfing pizza.A slice of pizza every couple days won’t do. I remember being sick and circling all the shows I was going to watch that day in the TV guide.

  2. You have it backwards: Heathcliff started 5 years before Garfield and Garfield is widely acknowledged as being a rip-off of Heathcliff by people in the comics industry.

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