The 7-Election, Obama Coffee, and a Breast Cancer Donut

I had a hankering for late Friday afternoon snack, so I walked over to the 7-11.  They are running a ridiculous, platitudinous promotion where you can “vote” for a candidate by buying a cup of coffee, either a red McCain or blue Obama.  I bought one.  I did not want 20 ounces of bad, awful, shitty coffee, but I also did not want Barack Obama lose a stupid 7-Election.  Every cup counts.  And besides, I finally have something to put on the mantle next to my John Kerry Big Gulp. 

The votes are calculated from the bar codes and tallied over at  Adding to the stunning whimsy of it all, they also commandeered Halloween by throwing in a sign that says “red, white and boo.”    I immediately went to see the results at 7 Election, praying I’d bought the cup that swung the election.  Obama is trouncing McCain in every red and blue state, except in West Virigina.  What is with that state?

Well, with coffee goes donuts, and because we have so few opportunities in life to support causes in ways that are truly meaningful, I bought the donut with pink icing and breast cancer ribbon sprinkles.  I never thought I’d type out breast cancer ribbon sprinkles.   Also, as you can see from my donut above, I was obviously screwed on those sprinkles, because I only got ’em on half the donut. 

I know.  I feel sheepish admitting I bought this donut.  Well, I can justify it.  A part of proceeds–like a fraction of a penny–of the breast cancer donuts is donated towards research.  Except the cashier couldn’t find the button to ring in the donut, so he rang it up as a chocolate eclair.  Oh well.  The donut was still pretty good, as all donuts with pink icing are.

3 thoughts on “The 7-Election, Obama Coffee, and a Breast Cancer Donut

  1. Hi Surfing Pizza, I work for 7-Eleven and was searching for stories on the 7-Election presidential voting process. I just wanted to let you know that 15 cents of the cost of the donut will go to proceeds – that is hinged on what the store orders, not sells. So rest assured that you have contributed to the Susan G. Komen Center for Breast Cancer Research. Thanks for your contribution, and visit us at 7-11 again soon.

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